Teaching for Learning

Standard 1: Teaching for Learning

Candidates are effective teachers who demonstrate knowledge of learners and learning and who model and promote collaborative planning, instruction in multiple literacies, and inquiry-based learning, enabling members of the learning community to become effective users and creators of ideas and information. Candidates design and implement instruction that engages students’ interests and develops their ability to inquire, think critically, gain and share knowledge. AASL Librarian Standards

Useful links for this standard

1. This is the link for the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education: http://www.ala.org/acrl/standards/ilframework

2. In this article, two Canadian university-level librarians share their thoughts and experiences about getting instructors to incorporate information literacy skills in their course instruction rather than expecting librarians to reach all those students. It gave me the idea to try to get this into professional development at the high school and middle school level. Recently, my school district mandated a week of professional development the week before school starts. Some disciplines were struggling for that much meaningful content for seasoned teachers. Some instruction about how to incorporate IL in their disciplines would be fantastic, or at least showing them resources they share with their students.     Cowan & Eva

3. In this article, researchers interview principals asking their attitudes toward the position of librarian. It was interesting and did reference some states in the U.S., but was in Australia. Nonetheless, I think the conclusion that how the job is perceived is very dependent on who is the librarian. In other words, their isn’t a lot of inherent respect for the position. I thought it was insightful about how principals may think. I’m glad to have this information in mind as I start talking to principals about jobs before too long.  http://www.iasl-online.org/resources/Documents/05luptonfinalformatted49-61.pdf