Program Management and Administration

Standard 5: Program Management and Administration

Candidates plan, develop, implement, and evaluate school library programs, resources, and services in support of the mission of the library program within the school according to the ethics and principles of library science, education, management, and administration.     AASL Librarian Standards


In today’s library landscape, books seem to be in the back seat. However, as a part of program management they are a significant portion of budget and decision-making processes along with databases and other electronic media.

What has struck me as one of the most important aspects of program management is having policies in place, particularly policies regarding book selection. Ideally, these policies will be established and clearly articulated by the district. Without a policy to rely on, it seems too easy to fall into self-driven decisions rather than student-centered decisions about making additions to the collection. This overlaps considerably with concepts considered in advocacy and leadership. In fact, the separation of these two aspects of librarianship seems almost artificial.