Literacy and Reading

Standard 2: Literacy and Reading

Candidates promote reading for learning, personal growth, and enjoyment. Candidates are aware of major trends in children’s and young adult literature and select reading materials in multiple formats to support reading for information, reading for pleasure, and reading for lifelong learning. Candidates use a variety of strategies to reinforce classroom reading instruction to address the diverse needs and interests of all readers. AASL Librarian Standards

Useful links for this standard

  1. Article reminding librarians that they are reading promoters, which is sometimes lost in the swirl of technology and information literacy that is such a focus these days.Morris, R.J. (2012). Find where you fit in the Common Core, or the time I forgot about librarians and reading. Teacher Librarian, Vol. 39, Issue 5.


This is a link to a question I’m curious about. Is reading a book as good as listening to one?