February 20, 2017

My brain is still a mishmash of everything. I’m learning a lot, but so much of it is likely to be outdated by the time I am a librarian, it’s a bit frustrating,  but I understand the pedagogical reasons behind having us do so many different things. I like learning new things, but there is so much, I’ll never remember half of it. I’d rather learn well a couple of websites that have staying power rather than jump all over everywhere. Maybe cataloging the articles and websites in the eportfolios will help me remember them. The interviews were definitely enlightening. I think I learned more from those than all the articles I’ve read so far put together. I keep thinking I’ll get this under control; There will be a day when I can just do my day job and focus on my students, but that hasn’t happened yet, so I’m losing hope. That carrot of actually being a librarian is keeping me going. I hope there are jobs and libraries left when I get to that point!