Advocacy and Leadership

Standard 4: Advocacy and Leadership

Candidates advocate for dynamic school library programs and positive learning environments that focus on student learning and achievement by collaborating and connecting with teachers, administrators, librarians, and the community. Candidates are committed to continuous learning and professional growth and lead professional development activities for other educators. Candidates provide leadership by articulating ways in which school libraries contribute to student achievement.           AASL Librarian Standards

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  • Advocating for freedom of information is not a new concept to me since I have a smidgen of background in journalism, but that librarians are defenders of intellectual freedom is something that hadn’t occurred to me. Records of who checked out what could be sensitive information, so what records to keep is an  important policy question. In this same realm questions about what is acceptable material to have available to students of different ages also present challenges. Ideally, districts, or whatever the governing entity of the library, will have policies governing such issues, but if not, a librarian should create policies to rely on regarding decisions from record-keeping to book choosing.

This is a link to the AASL’s inellectual freedom page, which has helps for book challenges and thoughts about related policies.

  • Librarians can provide leadership not only in considering rights, but teaching ethical use of internet and all resources as well as information literacy skills. My experience is that most teachers don’t know what librarians know and can provide.

Librarians Know infographic

This is my first infographic advocating for libraries. Although I would have claimed before that I did not have an old-fashioned idea of what librarians do, I now know I did not have an accurate idea of how broad their knowledge really is. My intent with this infographic is to try to promote the broad base of skills and knowledge that librarians have, which teachers may not have considered before. In my high school setting, I did not know that the librarian had the background or desire to help plan lessons or in teaching ethical research skills to students.