Still Overloaded :)

February 20, 2017

My brain is still a mishmash of everything. I’m learning so much! I like learning new things, but there is so much, I’ll never remember half of it. I think cataloging the articles and websites in the eportfolios will help me remember them. The interviews with a school librarian and principal were definitely enlightening. I think I learned more from those than all the articles I’ve read so far put together. I keep thinking I’ll get this under control; There will be a day when I can just do my day job and focus on my students, but that hasn’t happened yet, so I’m losing hope. That carrot of actually being a librarian is keeping me going. I hope there are jobs and libraries left when I get to that point! I read a NYT article pondering the fate of libraries today. It seemed more nostalgic than pessimitic, but was a bit disconcerting nonetheless. I really believe libraries are vital places for schools and communities.


Information overload!

I have learned so much this week! If every week is like this, not only am I going to have to quit my day job, but my head is going to explode!

Creating the wordpress framework and getting everything just right, was a big job for me. But, maybe I overthought it, as I am wont to do.  All my pictures, except the one on my opening blog page are original.  Maybe they aren’t professional work, but they’re all mine. I know this is eportfolio supposed to be useful, and it is and will be, but this week I think I had more fun picking the pictures for each page than anything else.

Making the drop-down pages inside the standards page was the hardest part. Of course once I figured out the sequence of creating the page and menu parts, it makes tons of sense. But I had no idea how to do that, and even though I searched help on the wordpress site and went to YouTube to look up videos, I never found anything that showed me what I needed to know. I finally figured it out via trial and error.

Setting up the livebinder eportfolio was relatively simpler, but there was less required for that one.  Just the tabs.  I think I got that right. Fortunately, I already knew how to use powerpoint and knovio was super simple. So my week was full of learning new technology.

For the empowering learners presentation, I enjoyed that. I picked the 4th belief statement: Technology skills are crucial for future employment needs. I wanted to make it useful for our library rather than just doing an assignment, so I spoke with our librarian (my mentor), and discovered that we had noticed the same issue. Students who are considered digital natives don’t know some super-basic keyboarding/formatting stuff. I talked about that in my previous blog. I had hoped to actually create the programs that I made up for that presentation because they would be truly helpful, but I don’t have time for that now.  Maybe the day will come when I can do that.

For the article review, I first picked an article that addressed what principals think about librarians because even though I’m just starting in this program, I am very concerned about getting a job, so thought it would be good to have some insight about what principals are looking for. It was an interesting article. (More about that here teaching-for-learning) But, I ended up thinking that maybe it wasn’t enough about teaching for learning, so I changed to a different article. I read six or more articles this week.

…And that’s probably not all. I can’t remember it all right now. In addition to all this, I taught all week, graded 20 research papers, and worked out (but I did skip two days to get that wordpress thing done)! I addition to maintaining my job, I have the goal of running the Houston 1/2 marathon next year in support of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. So, I have my work-and school, and exercise-cut out for me. And of course, it can never be easy, so my car broke down today.  Won’t start. Dead. And no, it’s not the battery. Got a new one just before Christmas.  I think it’s the starter. And my car shop isn’t open on weekends. Fortunately, I can ride my bike to work or the grocery store, and I don’t really need to go anywhere else.  I have tons of reading to do!!!

I’m not a blogger. I don’t tweeet, and I don’t follow anyone on instagram, although I do have an instagram account, I think. I also don’t snapchat. All that is to excuse what I’m writing here. I think it’s supposed to catalog my journey to librarianship. Well, that journey has a lot to do with things other than my classes, so I’m putting it here.  If anyone reads this, and I’m doing it wrong, please let me know.