Greetings, and welcome to my eportfolio. I am a librarian-in-the-making right now, but hope to complete my metamorphosis from a classroom teacher to librarian within the next year. Fresh out of college, I worked in advertising for three years, then returned to coursework to become a teacher. My educational career so far has spanned two decades, two degrees, and three states. I have taught English  Language Arts from seventh-grade remedial reading to AP and dual credit in high school, French, public speaking, newspaper, yearbook, and creative writing. Covering so many subjects is the benefit of having taught in a small, rural high school, although I currently teach in a large, suburban high school. Leadership opportunities for me in the form of Team Leader and student teaching cooperating teacher have broadened my perspective on how my abilities will best serve a school. The experience I have garnered to this point provides an exceptional foundation for moving to a broader-reaching platform for supporting students, teachers, administrators and the community.

At the top of this page, you can click on the tabs to find more information about each subject. Under each tab will be links or other presentations of information that have been meaningful to my growth as a librarian. At the bottom of this page is the link for my blog posts.